Roofing Lead work specialist

At Hazelton and Son Roofing we take pride in our roofing lead work and take the time and care needed to deliver great end results.

About our Roof Lead work

At Hazelton and son roofing we are vastly experienced with a wide variety of lead work.

Lead work as well as being a functional part of your roof that needs to keep out moisture it can also be the finishing touch on a new roof. All this mean time need to be taken to ensure it works and looks right.

A leaking roof can cause inconvenience and stress. The damage caused by the leak can cause a many problem from as damp and mouldĀ to rotting roof timbers that often can’t be seen.

Leadwork roofing

The most common places for leaks to happen are along joins and chimney stacks as well as around skylights and roof lanterns.

Lead is a perfect long lasting solution that helps to direct water away from the inside of your property and away onto flat roofs and gutters.