Roof Repairs

Hazelton and Son Roofing are available to take on all kinds of roof repairs on everything from tiles, flat roofs, chimney repairs and more, contact us today

Hazelton and Son Roofing Repairs

Damaged and leaking roof are often unpredictable and cause a great deal of stress for a homeowner.

Roof repairs are often needed after high wind, heavy snow and rain fall. So remember and save are details for such an event and contact us as soon as you see signs of a problem.


Flat Roofing

We are happy and able to carry our roof repairs to everything roofing related. From slipped tiles, to damaged or old felt roofs and complete re roofs in the extreme event that you lose your roof in high wind.

If you have any concerns we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible and don’t delay. It’s always easier and more practical to repair a roof in the warmer drier months as opposed to winter months with unpredictable rain and high wind.

Preventative work could save you money in the long run as water damage will mean costs to repair and re decorate inside if left.